Melt-Banana / Cell-Scape

17 diciembre 2008 | |

"Regarding the full length recording "Cell Scape", it has often been stated that Melt-Banana used a drum machine for the recording of this album. However, it has been debated greatly by fans of the album, some of whom argue that they in fact used a live drummer in the studio. In an interview just after the release of "Cell Scape," the band was asked who played drums on the album. They alluded to the presence of a Japanese drum machine. This answer has been by and large unchallenged. Nevertheless, many agree that a close listening to the album reveals that the percussion is provided by a live musician. The stylistic choices of the rhythm section suggest that the drummer may be Dave Witte, though live he has played some of the beats differently than they are played on the album."

Sounds Like:
Noise, Experimental
The Locoust, Naked City


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