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22 diciembre 2008 | |

In his first album called Nouvelle Vague launched in 2004, the group resurrected classics of the New Wave era, and reinterpreted with a spicy style of bossa nova adding acoustic arrangements. In this production were involved, in addition to six singers French, one Brazilian and one Newyorques. The cover chosen for this disc includes songs by Joy Division, Dead Kennedys, The Clash and Depeche Mode. To ensure a unique quality, the various female singers of this album just performed songs which had no previous contact. In 2005, his version of the theme "I Melt With You" from the band Modern English was used in the soundtrack of the black comedy "Mr. And Mrs. Smith," and appeared in a commercial channel GMC Acadia. In 2007, the cover "Too Drunk to Fuck" by The Dead Kennedys was used in the film Grindhouse
year 2004

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