Antony and the Jonhsons / The Crying Light

08 febrero 2009 | |

Antony exercises a lot more restraint on this disc and the tone is for the most part reflective and somber. A lot of the comments here voice their support for this approach which is both pleasing and surprising because 'The Crying Light' is nowhere near as instantly accessible as `I am a Bird Now'. If there is a criticism to be made it is that the album is a bit one paced and moments of light amongst the shade are few and far between. `Kiss My Name' and `Aeon' (I love the red herring intro) are like shining beacons and without them the whole project would have been far too bleak. This is not to say that these are the strongest songs - I'd rate scene setting opener `Her Eyes...', trademark ballad `One Dove', elemental hymn `Another World' and sweet closer `Everglade' as the highlights.

By - Man Without a Soul

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