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"Essencial: A Masterpiece of Progressive Rock" -
In 1972 a masterpiece of progressive rock has born: Close To The Edge from Yes.

With this album Yes create a complete new stile on the prog rock, that trascends ages and times. Yes are one of the five pilars of the progressive rock besides Rush, ELP, King Crimson and Pink Floyd.

Close To The Edge is one of the most amazing albums that I'd ever heard, the combination of all the instruments are just perfect, The Wizard Of The Keyboards, Mr. Rick Wakeman always with that sense of aesthetic and technique. Jon Anderson with his angelical voice, Steve Howe with the virtuoso sound on the guitar, Chris Squire, with a deep and clear bass, and Bill Bruford, in his last colaboration with the band, making wonderful rhythms in the percussions.

Jon Anderson - Vocals
Bill Bruford - Percussion
Steve Howe - Guitar, Vocals
Chris Squire - Bass, Vocals
Rick Wakeman - Keyboards
1. Close To The Edge (18:42) :
i. The Solid Time Of Change
ii. Total Mass Retain
iii. I Get Up I Get Down
iv. Seasons Of Man
2. And You And I (10:08):
i. Cord Of Life
ii. Eclipse
iii. The Preacher The Teacher
iv. Apocalypse
3. Siberian Khatru (9:00)
Bonus Tracks:
4. America [Single Version] (4:12)
5. Total Mass Retain [Single Version] (3:21)
6. And You And I [Alternate Version] (10:18)
7. Siberia [Studio Run-Through of "Siberian Khatru"] (9:19)
Yes Is On Tour: LIve In Mexico February 5!!!!!!!!!!!!

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