Sounds of Silence / Simon & Garfunkel

07 febrero 2009 | |

Sounds of Silence is an album by Simon and Garfunkel, released on January 17, 1966. The album's title is a slight modification of the title of the duo's first major hit, "The Sounds of Silence," which was released previously on the album Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M., and also on the soundtrack to the movie The Graduate. It was taken from their debut and electric instruments and drums were overdubbed by Bob Dylan's studio band on June 15, 1965 and released in September 1965 as a single. "Homeward Bound" was released on the album in the UK. It was also released as part of the box set Simon & Garfunkel Collected Works, on both LP and CD.


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Erin dijo...

Sounds of Silence is a great album despite their having to put it together pretty quickly. Lots of really classic stuff on it!

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