Thonk / Michael Manring

24 febrero 2009 | |

Who said fusion was dead? With Thonk Michael Manring has managed to create an exciting, humorous and technically amazing body of work. His quirky approach to the bass and hyperbass give a style and sound that is truly unique and can be heard throughout the many different journeys the listener is taken on. "Big Fungus" is a romping number that finds Manring sounding like a fusion guitar player on the hyperbass. Former Primus drummer Tim "Herb" Alexander proves to be a perfect partner for Manring by adding his own complexities and individual style to the mix. Alex Skolnick, Steve Morse and Steve Smith also lend excellent support. "Monkey Businessman" is a breathtaking solo performed on the hyperbass, which makes a case for calling Manring the Tuck Andress of the bass. However, it is not just the playing of Manring (which would have been enough) and his stellar sidemen that separate this session from its colleagues; rather, it is his fresh approach to composition. This is a brilliant recording by a brilliant musician and should be documented as one of the most important fusion recordings of the '90s.
(Robert Taylor, All Music GuidE)

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