The Dears / No Cities Left

22 marzo 2009 | |

The Dear's debut is a very different beast to their followup album. While they sounded a little like a funkier Snow Patrol jr in Gang Of Losers, here they go for something a little more... orchestral. And it's something very special indeed.You can see the much bigger sights of No Cities Left at a glance of the tracklist: of the 12 tracks, 7 are approaching 6 minutes long. 3 of them are nearly 8 minutes! Clearly, they have a lot more to stuff into their music, here. And yet, far from sounding sparse and over-long, the tracks all glide by as if they were a minute long each. And that is always a sign that what you have is doing alright for itself.And it's not just the lengths: here you won't just find the piano-guitar-drums-vocals that you could get used to from their sophomore album. It's strings and synths and entire choirs and even theremins and just about everything-a-plenty, here, all helping to make each song a little bit louder and a little bit more dramatic. Clearly, they didn't want any expenses spared to make this album as big as it could possibly be. Tanks for Mike.
Year: 2003

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