Patato Valdés / Único y Diferente

22 abril 2009 | |

1926 was a good year, in terms of musical births. It marked, for example, the biological arrival of the jazz innovator John Coltrane and the chachachá inventor Enrique Jorrín, as well as the nativity of Carlos Valdés Jr. (better known as Patato), one of the most influential and distinctive tumbadores (conga players) in the history of our planet.
Patato´s unparalleled and usual playing, including but not limited to his inventive approach and melodic time, was expressed in even more eloquent terms when he recorded Único y Diferente.
Please beware that Único y Diferente is not another predictable, prototypical mainstream Latin jazz disc. It is nos another "latinized" collection of North American standards. The title of the recording is well justified in view of the original repertoire. Each tune is designed to pay homage, directly or indirectly, to a concrete or abstract fixture of our musical planet.
Listening to this album, however, one is bound to identify, sooner than later, the inexhaustible fountain of rhythm: Patato´s heart.

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