Blood - This Mortal Coil

02 mayo 2009 | |

TMC is the baby of producer Ivo, main man at 4AD records, which has released a lot of great music from a lot of great musicians: we're talking Pixies, Breeders, Throwing Muses, Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins (previously recommended), Wolfgang Press, Colourbox.

"Blood" is largely a tighter group of instrumental musicians, with vocalists being: predominantly Deirdre Rutkowski; then Caroline Crawley; and then a couple by Alison Limerick, and the excellent "You and Your Sister" with Kim Deal (Pixies/Breeders) and Tanya Donnelly (Throwing Muses/Breeders/Belly).

Note: old Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett fans might want to take note of the cover of Barrett's "Late Night." Barrett's original recording is marred by his dysfunctionality; here, it's a total work of art.

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