Roxy Music

08 julio 2009 | |

One of the most powerful and important debut albums of all time,along with The Velvet Underground And Nico,The Stooges, and Beefheart's Safe As Milk. Roxy Music brings an edge with sophistication to the music. Part progressive,part early rock n' roll,part experimental, this material is almost unclassifiable."If There Is Something" is powerful and hypnotic."Virginia Plain" is like quirky new wave pop that brings to mind XTC,Devo,and The Cars, 5 years before such a thing existed. Phil Manzanera shows he can make some ear splitting noise on guitar, equivalent to Robert Fripp, though with his own trademark on cuts like "Chance Meeting" and "Ladytron". Andy Mackay may well be the coolest rock n' roll sax man of all time. Paul Thompson's drumming is powerful and solid throughout. Your 80's loving yuppie friends that think Roxy Music is about smooth product like Avalon need to hear this one instead; it will probably clear the room!

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