The Ravenottes [ Lust Lust Lust ]

27 diciembre 2008 | |

The Lust Lust Lust was published in late 2007, this disc will not come out to clarify that a bit and not be as dark as in previous installments, but the guitars are still the basis of shoegaze and lo-fi feature from Whip It On . The game between Sharina voices Foo and Sune Rose Wagner keeps each song with a good rhythm and kept quite interspersing instrumental distortion. The sixty like and what they can show: Dead Sound is a clear example of this, the best song choice as a single for his power and structure; Aly, Walk With Me gives a hand to the influence of The Velvet Underground and even stops the spread of electronic sounds of Bristol.

Sounds like:
Velvet Underground,
Noise rock pop

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