Francois Rabbath, Live Around the World

12 febrero 2009 | |

Every now and then, just when you thought you had things all neatly arranged in their proper order, someone comes along and not only upsets everything you've done, but demands that you change your entire way of thinking before you can even begin to put them back together again. François Rabbath is one of those people.

1 POUCHA-DASS. Raga inspired by the sound of the Indian Sitar.
2 ORDIS. In homage to Paganini and dedicated to Louis Gilbert
3 REITBA. Inspired by the magic of the African desert.
4 DESERT. The first composition of Rabbath. Inspired by the Jazz of the 60’s.
5 IMPALAS. The bouncing run of the gazelles.
6 ODE D’ESPAGNE. In the style of the Spanish guitar.
7 LA GUERRE ET LA PAIX. War and Peace, parts 3 and 4. Written for the celebration of Pablo Picasso’s 90th birthday, October 24, 1971 and Vallauris, France.
8 PRADES. In homage to Pablo Casals
9 KOBOLDS. The dancing gnomes playing music.
10 CRAZY COURSE. The crazy chase
11 IBERIQUE PENINSULAIRE or ESPOIR. Dedicated to Paco Ibanez in memory of the great Chilian poet Pablo Neruda, the third “Pablo” to die in 1973.
12 QUATION DU TEMPS. The measure of time.
13 CONCERTO NO.1. For solo double bass
14 ETE QUATE. Seven Four
15 BRIEZ. A study in electro-acoustic sonorities produced with the bow by natural and artificial harmonics.

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