Vinny Golia, George Lewis, Bertram Turetzky

14 febrero 2009 | |

Triangulation is an intriguing trio combination. Multi-reed master Vinny Golia and trombonist George Lewis seem an obvious enough match, both having worked with Anthony Braxton and sharing a musical approach that at least overlaps in part. Bassist Bertram Turetzky, however, is better known as an outstanding contemporary classical interpreter of modern music for the double bass, so his appearance on the freely improvised session is something of a surprise, though a very pleasant one. Golia, one of the rare regular practitioners of the bass sax, spends a good bit of time with that unwieldy axe, conjuring up dark, rich soundscapes in tandem with Turetzky's brooding arco work. Lewis is his typical fleet self in upper and lower registers, dancing gamely between his partners and providing some of the finer single moments on the album. Creative improv album and one that fans of any of the participants are likely to savor.


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