Jaco Pastorius, Punk Jazz: The Jaco Pastorius Anthology (Disc 1)

05 febrero 2009 | |

Pastorius fanatics will no doubt already have everything here in one form or another. Casual listeners will be astonished by the sheer multi-dimensional nature of his limitless musicality and vision. Even those well acquainted with Pastorius will be surprised as to how well the sequencing of these tracks offers such a prismatic view of Pastorius' growth as a bassist — check out the silky funky grooves on Little Beaver's "I Can Dig It Baby" and the gutbucket greasy R&B of "Amelia," as they give way to adventurous early fusion of "Batterie" with Metheny, Bley, and Bruce Ditmas. Even in abstraction, Pastorius had a groove. The more pop side of Jaco's work is highlighted on the first disc with his contributions to Joni Mitchell's Mingus and Shadows and Light albums, as well as his more exotic, atmospheric work with Airto and Flora.

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