Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark / Organisation

06 febrero 2009 | |

" Organisation, the second OMD album, kicks off in spectacular style with "Enola Gay", which may very well be the single most thrilling, enjoyable thing they'd ever created; of course, it's about Hiroshima, which belies the jaunty, energetic and musically wonderful buzz of it all. A terrific drum hook, spacious, lovely keyboards...yet Andy McCluskey's underrated, melancholic vocals are what gives it its sobriety. Phew, can the rest of the album match it? Well, for a start, nothing else on the album sounds like it; what we have here is a set of bittersweet, sedate and mostly downbeat mid-tempo ballads"

Sound Like:
Synth pop
Cabaret Voltaire


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